humble beginnings.

Being fashionable wasn’t something that always came natural to me, I must admit I was a victim of the “what’s the point in getting dressed?” crew for far too long. My daily regalia consisted of a sweatshirt, a pair of basketball shorts, and the California girl mainstay — Rainbow flip flops. Classy.

But fast forward nearly ten years and I can say with pride I am a Fashionista. With an appreciation for high-end, low-end, and everything in between, I’ve discovered that what you are wearing gives many people their first impression of who you are. I like to think when they see me they’re seeing someone who’s ambitious, detailed, and FAB-U-LOUS. I love fashion in most of its forms, I’ve dabbled in modeling…to which I ask God daily why didn’t you make me tall?! It warms my heart when people ask my opinion on fashion, it let’s me know I’m doing something right and makes me feel great. To some people fashion is just clothes, to others its art, to me it’s that and more.

I’m not sure I can describe my style in one or two words because varies from day-to-day; casual chic, bohemian, to lavish, I can say I love a great gaudy cocktail ring and good bag though! This blog hopefully will help me to see what others see and allow me space to give a little piece of my fashion two-cents to our readers.

At the end of the day my goal is, and will always be to…stay flyy.



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