a revival.

I realized that I am feeling underwhelmed with my wardrobe. That I am uninspired by the garb that hangs in my closet. I wake up daily thinking of what I’ll throw on and I am as of late very disappointed with the results. It doesn’t seem to be a good idea to feel this way the week you start a style blog with your sister, does it? So I’ve decided to do an overhaul.

I’m going to take every item of clothing I have a figure out what I want to keep and what needs to go. Sure, it’ll probably result in a tornado of shirts that are played out and pants that need to venture to the Goodwill but it is necessary when you need a revival. To clean out the old and bring in the new.

I need inspiration. I hate to admit because I am a Cali girl through and through; beach lover, salad and smoothie connoisseur, Laker fanatic…but I definitely know my fashion mojo suffered when I left the East coast. Being at Howard forced me to bring “it”, while also opening up my eyes to styles I didn’t and still don’t encounter here in LA. Truth is, it brought my love of fashion to life. But have no fear, I am dedicated to bringing my mojo back!

So stay tuned as I figure this all out…

Stay Flyy.


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