Reading Is Fundamental.

A few days ago I mentioned the lackluster feeling about my wardrobe
and how I was just about ready to chuck all my clothes out of the
window…well after taking a few deep breaths I decided to be a tad
more realistic about the situation. Truthfully not every piece of
clothing I have is burlap sack reminiscent and with a few changes I
know I can bring some sizzle back into my game.

The first step to my revival was to do a little research. After a trip
to Barnes and Noble in search of Nina Garcia’s “Little Black Book of  Style”, which was
absent, I located “I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style” by Amanda Brooks.


(image found at polyvore.com)

Thank goodness Nina was missing in action! I brought home “I Love Your Style” and
didn’t put the book down for 3 straight days. It is now lined with
post-its marking the great advice I discovered. This book was amazing.
I love that Amanda attacks fashion from an everyday woman’s perspective, unlike many fashion
writers and industry players who discuss fashion and wardrobe
necessities without taking into consideration that many fashion lovers
don’t have a Vogue expense account. Her ability to share applicable
information about various styles was priceless. The most valuable
information I took from the book was the break down of the necessities for each type of
style. For example; to achieve Classic style it is imperative to have a
trench coat, a little black dress, and ONE handbag. Yes. One. After
that tidbit, I KNEW classic style was not for me.

Nonetheless all of information I absorbed is going to be vital to the
REVAMP. I suggest you check it out and see how Amanda Brooks can help
you define and refine your style.



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