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mini fashionista.

As a parent there are certain things that I must instill in my child; be polite, it will take you far, read because knowledge is power, stay true to God, because without Him nothing is possible but among all these things one that is important and must be remembered is to stay flyy! Parenting a two-year old definitely has its ups and downs, but I must say that my Baby D is my greatest accessory.I want Baby D to know that looking your best is something you should strive to do all the time. I also want her to feel comfortable expressing herself through her clothes, having fun with it now will teach her that. Finding cute and functional clothing is essential because as cute as she is, it is inevitable that before long Baby D will spill something and get dirty. It took a while for me to come to terms with that as I wanted her to stay pristine as long as possible. hahahaha.

My favorite places to grab affordable and adorable pieces for her are Target, Old Navy, H&M, and the Gap. My advice would be to wait until items go on sale as it is terrible to purchase something full price only to come back two days later and it’s 50% off…yes, personal story. I typically try to wait for the sales unless I know for certain that something is extremely popular and probably won’t last a few weeks.

Outfit: Tank & Shorts x Old Navy … Denim Shirt x Gap … Flats x Gap

as always…stay flyy.



One thought on “mini fashionista.

  1. That’s still hurts as a grown up — not waiting for something to go on sale and then coming back a day or two later to find it on clearance. womp, womp.

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