Long live the Moon Boots

low silver uggs

I’m preparing for my big move this weekend and I stumbled across one of my favorite pairs of boots…my silver moon boots! I bought them from a vintage store in Adam’s Morgan here in Washington, DC last fall as I was preparing for the cold season. I’d been debating for months on whether or not to buy these —> low calf high silver uggs for about $120, no one really has them and I was pretty much sold until I saw my alternates for $25.  Cuter and cheaper?! SOLD. Indeed they were a GREAT purchase I wear them so much that at one point I had to fix the outer sole due to deterieration  [hot glue guns work wonders lol]

Once I saw my boots I remembered these cute little pictures my sister took of me in them 1 day while I was “flyying on the westcoast”

{walking on the moon}

It’s not one of my favorite outfits that I wore with them but because they were the main attraction I figured what better way to pay homage? I know 1…never stop moon walking :]

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