S I N — C I T Y

First let me apologize for the lack of posts here at FlyyCoast2Coast…we’re working on making sure we keep the site up more after we adjust our technical difficulties! Nonetheless here is a little something in the meantime…

Over the past month I have taken a few trips to Vegas, and while I expected nothing less than an all girls version of “Hangover” it was actually more like “Hangout” since I spent my days lounging by the pool sipping on Mojitos and walking drunk down the strip while guzzling a 40oz Pina Colada and Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade….but I did manage to snap a few photos of some outfits amidst all my fun.

My friends and I had gone to dinner and this is what I wore to be cool enough to battle the heat but warm enough for the A/C which in Vegas is constantly on Arctic Circle.

Sheer Tank x H&M … Cutoff Shorts x 7 for all Mankind … Scarf from Egypt x Gifted  … Heels x Steve Madden Earrings x XXI


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