Labor Day…chill day

First of all I want to express my uber excitement for FINALLY getting a new camera!!! Now I can consistantly blog and stop faking the funk. I get so jealous reading my bloglovin feed and I can’t contribute to the fashion universe lol.

This weekend the weather was absolutely gorgeous in Washington, DC the perfect transition into a season that is evidently creeping right around the corner. Labor day has a whole new meaning to me now that I have a corporate job and have been working non stop since November. {well worth it tho, I’m not complaining} After finishing up with a meeting I took the liberty of going on a very joyous and random bike ride with some friends that I ran into, we couldn’t resist the cool breeze and sunshine!

”]I had a great time warming my camera up with all the fun pictures I took this weekend. Got some great shots of the Capitol, monuments, and nature. Plus Mikael {friend in photos} took some great shots of us biking. I’ll be sure to post them as soon as I can.





weeping willow, my favorite tree

”]Labor Day just might be one of the last hot weekends around these parts so didn’t hesitate to put on my favorite black mini, a tee, some sandals, and always present my shades 0_0

tee x American Apparrel, vest x thrifted, skirt x forever XXI, earrings x flea market, shades x thrifted

peace and blessings



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