80s inspired


…vintage “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” tee x thrifted…
…eddie bauer cutoff shorts x thrifted…
…lipstick x raspberry L’oreal…

As an 80s fashion fanatic and one of TMNT number one fans, I’d be safe with saying that I was feeling myself in this outfit lol. This is actually my FAVORITE shirt in my closet..the most comfy denim shorts a girl could ask for…and who doesn’t love raspberry colored lipstick?!

I had been searching for denim shorts that fit the perfect way for so long and then I decided I would just make my own; the thrift store always has good jeans from the 80s with a high waistline and these are a great example. The best part is by making the cuff so large I have a lot of wiggle room in terms of how I can decide to wear my shorts. It just depends on my mood. The weather made up my mind quick, fast, and in a hurry though because as soon I stepped outside and felt the heat I knew that my golden rule less is more would be in full effect!

welp back to the sunshine. peace & blessings


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