Arts on Foot

no lenses...a classic

downtown DC...7th & F

washington DC's chinatown

One of the main reasons I adore working in downtown Washington DC besides all of its emaculate architecture is because there is always something going on, yes even in the middle of the day. Last week I stumbled upon a Fall Preview to street art.

street art being created on the spot

one of my favorites

There was so much stuff to see but I couldn’t take pictures of everything unfortunately 😦 I understand artists are pretty protective of their work. The art varied from photography, paintings, clothing, abstract art, jewelery, and they had random hometown bands perform throughout the day.

random art on a wall...9th & M

random street art...9th & M

I couldn’t stay for long because I only get an hour for lunch but i enjoyed talking to the artists about their work and looking at it.

outfit of the day

sweater x Forever XXI…top x unknown…pants x H&M…
belt x thrifted…glasses x thrifted…earrings x thrifted

peace and blessings


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