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Social Media Week 3.0

Last night I attended Social Media Week 3.0’s “Style 3.0 Panel & Discussion” and it was an absolute success to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed the panel discussion, as it offered such valuable information for up and coming fashion bloggers along with gems that can be used by those already in the business. Although my friends and I were a tad bit tardy and had to scrounge for a space to hear the panelists speak, I didn’t mind at all standing for forty minutes absorbing this FREE and fabulous goodness. The panelists included Shari Gunn, CMO of Kaboodle, Julia Kung, Director of Marketing at Moxsie, Macala Wright Lee, Founder of FashionMarketing.Me, and Dara Fleischer, Director at Beyond the Rack. Each lady offered her advice on how to make your blog stand out from the rest and gave tips on what will make your blog great amongst the masses. The most valuable piece of information I picked up from the panel was to remember that the bloggers many of us aspire to be all started somewhere and that if you have valuable content on your blog it will get noticed.

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My Best Friend Jazz and I

The evening continued with a cocktail party that followed held at the beautiful W Hollywood where I was able to talk to many different people from aspiring social experts to fresh college graduates who recently started a business. I used the night to administer the survey for my senior thesis and was so grateful for all the people that took the time out to answer it. The night over all was extremely productive and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend!

BFF @DesignerJennyP and I

We also attended an event at the ever cool RoyalTCafe last night with art dedicated to Andy Warhol and everyone’s favorite plastic girl; Barbie! I must say while the small amount of art featured was cool I was hoping there would have been more. I would advise the curator next time to dig a little harder as Barbie has 50 years worth of cool that could have been used. Another event that was fun and the pink carpet definitely made it all worthwhile.

BFFs Kiyana, Jazz and @DesignerJennyP and I at @RoyalTCafe

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Stay Flyy…


Outfit: Sweater x Nordstrom Rack … Skirt x H&M … Mink Flap Satchel x UO …Boots x Steve Madden AND Studded Boots x Nordstrom RackGlasses x Swap Meet!

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