Lions and Tigers and an Asian Elephant, Oh my?!

wild n crazy girl

The Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC is my go-to getaway whenever the weather permits, and this weekend was just that. Whenever I show face there are different animals who’ve decided that they’d like to show theirs as well, although I’m never really as lucky as I was this time. Still breaking in my camera for the most part and I think I can safely say that I’m starting to get the hang of it. I don’t much like capturing anything except nature’s beauty, seeing the beauty in that does half the job for you.

sleeping cheetahs...aawwww

Asian seaotters

some sort of Asian fishing Cat...I forgot the name :/

The Asian trails were poppin! Every animal on the map was out and about, mingling, and showing off for us spectators so it was no surprise when I stumbled across this cutey while I took a break on the bridge.


Lunch Special: Branches and Pond water

Asian elephants are significantly smaller than African elephants making them not quite as intimidating with their gentle nature.

(after driving through a  stampeded elephant ground in South Africa, I can personally atest to this)

doesn't he remind you of the little elephant from The Jungle Book?

Have you ever been so nosey that you mosey over to a large crowd just to see what they’re all gawking at? Well shoot I have! And I nearly jumped up and down once got over to the Great Cats habitat because I was seriously that excited.

Great Cats Habitat

I stood still for a couple minutes patiently waiting for this striking creature to look my way. He wasn’t really in the mood for all of the flashing cameras and loud noise though because he tended to stay near the side entrance, constantly rearing back and clawing at the window for some attention from the staff. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that anybody on the other side of that door….wasn’t opening it anytime soon. I learned something new too, the lion is not the biggest cat in the jungle even though he’s King.

that's what I call fierce


The grand finale  would of course have to be one of my all time favorite animals; the beast whose beauty is matchless, the true King and Queen of Pride Rock Mufasa and Sarabi.


in his simplest form

accessorizing is a MUST

 Top: thrifted crewneck

Bottom: spandex skirt, Forever XXI

Shoes: Gold TOMS

Bag: Puma


..Greater Minds Gather..

I stole this crewneck from my friend Marcellus after he destroyed it lol. I let him pass with cutting off the sleeves but once he made it a crop top I wouldn’t let him be seen outdoors with it, good friend right?! Truth is I had been eyeing for awhile after he painted G$G on the back and I couldn’t wait for the perfect moment to pounce. The black/gold palette I paired it with made for jaw dropping, neck breaking stares. NAILED IT!

stay flyy



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