Hair it is.

I must admit when it came to my hair I was a tortoise, it took me forever to figure out what to do with it and once the style was complete I would still stand in the mirror wondering if I looked all right or if I was channeling 17 again by wearing a headband AND a ponytail.Or spending hours in the beauty shop to ensure that every strand was straightened to a T only to then come home and have to use a flat-iron every single day until my next hair appointment because not one hair could be out-of-place.

That was until I finally decided it was time to take ownership of my hair as opposed to continuing to lose the battle. My hair is naturally curly, pretty thick, and for the most part very wash and wear. All through high school I was never the girl with a standing appointment at the salon instead I was the girl with cornrows or a huge afro puff. This may seem ok if you went to school with people who understood your hair but I did not and in turn this was rough. Finally at 25 I have decided to figure out what my hair needs and how I can make it the best it can be.

C.Rob and I at Howard Homecoming - Hair. LAYED.

Thanks to blogs like @themoptopmaven’s and @bglhonline I have really been learning what it takes to manage, cultivate, and nurture my hair. I am so happy that there are people out there who have been through the proverbial fire and the flood to find out what makes our hair tick. Since June I have been dedicated to not straightening my hair, applying weekly deep conditions, trading out chemical laden products with more natural choices and overall accepting the beautiful mane God gave me. I have to say even in this short four months a lot has already changed. I don’t feel overwhelmed when I look in the mirror at my hair, I feel less defeated by my hair, and I most importantly I don’t feel controlled by it.

Flat Twisted Perfected!

Hair Styled by Me -- Photo by BFF Kiyana

I encourage you all to take these steps in your life regarding something that you feel has a hold on you, know that you can change for the better, and that you are the owner of your body. Make your body work for you, don’t be a slave to your hair, your appetite, or anything else that may be giving you heartache.

Stay Flyy!



2 thoughts on “Hair it is.

  1. Yes, i love that last hairstyle. I would love to see more blogs on funky hairstyle ideas. I am working with natural hair myself, having days where it either works with me or it doesnt. Alot of the time resulting in a childs ponytail and a scarf. I look fwd to new posts. Thanx!

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