Autumn’s Arrival

It is brisk in Washington, DC! Boy October wasted no time in ushering in one of the most fashionable seasons, Autumn. I’m excited about the layering, boots, scarves, new haircolor, and jackets that I’ll be flaunting but I am no fan of the cold ladies and gentlemen. As I was switching out my wardrobe from Summer to Fall this weekend I realized that year after year, no matter how much new stuff I buy, I love recycling what is already in my scrapbook of fashion. Making completely new creations from bits and pieces that I’ve had for quite sometime. Try it sometime it can really juice up your imagination and creativity. In addition to my seasonal preparations I thought I’d throw in a little throwback from last winter break when Leslie and I first decided that we’d start keeping a fashion diary and ultimately create a blog about it.

Enjoy, stay warm, and most importantly stay flyy!


Tops: sweater vest X thrifted

gray v-neck X Forever XXI

Bottoms: Jeans (I’ve had a loooong time lol)

Boots: Steve Madden Combat boots

Bag: Betsey Johnson

Accessories: Bakers

Photography: LeslieCamille




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