Fall is upon us.

As autumn has settled upon us it is crucial that FLYY girls are dressed appropriately. More often than not I see my fellow Angelenos opting for cool wear attire that is either a bit over the top for our 50-60 degree days or simply just not wearing enough, leaving them looking cold, wet, and appearing to be the anti-thesis of fashionable. I’ve decided to help you ladies out with a few things that are essential this season for fall.

Number 1: It is always important to purchase a rainboot, unfortunately Tony Toni Tone lied to us and YES it does rain in Southern California. So instead of trying to get by and dodge puddles while wearing your chucks opt for a stylish “Wellie” instead. The choices above are perfect as they are chic and affordable.

from left to right: Hunter Wellie $125, Chinese Laundry Rain Boot $60, Chooka Boot $70

Number 2: You can never go wrong with a military jacket! These jackets can be found in classic styles and also more elaborate options. The greatest thing about owning a military jacket is its ability to go with everything. Pairing a military jacket with a dress gives you a funky feel while putting it together with your favorite jeans makes you appear put together. The best part is, many military jackets come in neutral colors making them easy to wear with several different items.

from left to right: Topshop Ultimate Military Cape $190,AE Military Shirt Jacket $30, Topshop Military Contrast Swing Coat $160,

Number 3: A tapered sweat or trouser is all the rage this fall, making comfy chic the way to go. I know when it’s cold and rainy outside it is not my preference to wear jeans; the whole soggy, heavy, bleeding ink thing isn’t my forte. These simple, slimming trousers are an excellent alternative. Combining casual and stylish, they look great worn with wedges or heeled boots. Here’s a tip: Don’t wear these sweatpant reminiscent pants with tennies or flats, comfy does NOT have to equal FRUMPY.

from left to right: FarFetched Polyester Pant $120, Mari Relaxed Drawstring Pant $59, Metropark Drawstring Cargo Pant $51


Stay Flyy!

L. Camille


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