Mini skirts and Military boots

i loved this picture but couldn't get over the closed eyes


Top: H&M

Jacket: Thrifted Levi Denim

Skirt: H&M

Boots: Steve Madden combat

Jewelery: flea market

smiley face button courtesy of Forever XXI

Friday began the frightful chills in Washington, DC but I was hitting the streets with some girlfriends and couldn’t fathom throwing on a regular old pair of jeans. I’d been cleaning up all day so naturally I wanted to jazz it up for the night. My friends are usually casual and with me being noticeably taller than everyone, heels definitely weren’t an option lol. I knew we’d probably just be hanging out at a friends house or end up at a bar, so without much fuss I grabbed a tee and jacket. From there it was all about color coordination and before I knew it this is what I’d constructed! The boots and thick socks were a must once I opted for my turquoise mini because being cute and cold isn’t fun (although sometimes neccessary). The button came about when I realized how baggy this mens t-shirt looked on top of my skirt, so I tightened that badboy up. Needless to say I had a GREAT time out that night and didn’t have not one wardrobe malfunction.


these accessories added a rustic touch

peace and blessings…stay flyy



2 thoughts on “Mini skirts and Military boots

  1. I have quite a few mens button downs shirts and have had them taken in (& spent way too much dough) but the button is a great idea AND a haute accessory! Thanks C Rob!

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