Hair it is. Part II

I Am Not My Hair – India Arie <– click to listen

With all of this talk about new clothes and new weather, I came to the conclusion that I was past due for a new hair color. I only dye my hair twice a year because I don’t want to wake up one morning and wonder where it all disappeared to lol. Keeping the chemicals to a minimum is the safest way to go when it comes to hair care.

Going natural was a decision that came about my sophomore year at Howard after realizing how stupid it was for me to keep putting constant heat in my hair, ruining its nice texture. I’ve always had curly hair, but I’ve also always had tons of it. Not to mention how thick it is.Once I reached second grade I had already gained a strong dislike for people playing in or doing my hair (clearly my mother tainted me lol) forcing me to take on this dreaded task so ponytails   and buns were frequented until I outgrew them in high school. That’s when I got wise and daring and started experimenting with my mane. By the end of those four years I was a regular at the beauty shop and had rotated about four different hair colors. Needless to say my hair was fried, died, and petrified.

{crimson red cellophane}

Moving to a different region brought about more problems in terms of my hair than it did with getting used to the cold weather. Humidity, wind, rain, and foggy mornings that can’t be predicted are all bad when you’re used to just taking off your scarf and continuing on with life. I had to find a solution and I had to find one quick! My best option was to work with what I already had; and with that came trial and error. No, I’ve never had a perm but I’ve also never just worn my hair as is, meaning that if I was going natural the products I used had to follow suit. Cutting out gel, mousse, texturizers, and daily washing has ultimately lead to a much thicker, voluminous, and healthier mane.

random white button down, DIY ripped jeans, random cheetah tights, thrifted scarf and accessories, JC charm bracelet, black Chuck Taylor's

{I love hues that compliment my skin tone}

2 years have passed and my hair has grown so much due to the stance I took on hair care

Nowadays my hair routine is less complex. I’ve figured out what works best for me because at the end of the day people can give you suggestions but you won’t really know how it’ll turn until you try. If there’s a new product you’re thinking of purchasing or style you think may be cute -try it out- the worst that can come from it is gained knowledge of what you should NEVER do again lol. But on the bright side you may have unlocked a hidden treasure.

UO t-shirt, random jeans, thrifted vest,scarf, and earrings, Forever XXI taupe booties

Try this at home:

Curly Mop:

wash hair, apply leave in conditioner or regular conditioner to rinse out

detangle with a wide tooth comb, oil scalp with ALL NATURAL avocado oil or jojoba oil

part hair down the middle and give yourself 3-4 cornrows on each side

(in the morning the braids will be slightly damp but dry for the most part. take them out and BOW! there you have it)

Bun from above:

 Wash and deep condition hair with Dr.Miracle’s deep conditioning treatment

after rinsing apply a heat protector spray to hair, comb through with wide tooth comb

part hair into 4 sections and blow dry each

oil scalp with Hair Food, or other non-greasy scalp treatment

apply a dollop of avocado oil to each of the sections so they are not overly dry from the heat

{I read a book that gave me ALL NATURAL hair products to use. avocados, coconuts, olive oils, and jojoba oils are all great for the scalp and root to tip treatments}

Like the average woman I love my hair and see it as my most vital accessory. If it looks a mess…I look a mess! You may hear me refer to my hair as my mane, that’s because as a young lioness I see the beauty in what I used to see as a curse. Black women sometimes struggle when it comes to their hair but I think we should educate ourselves and take pride in what we have. The most important lesson I’ve learned throughout these past years is to use products intended for black women. We have a different texture but it doesn’t mean we’re abnormal we’ve just got to use what is ours. Remember you are NOT your hair but your hair is yours, so take good care of it 😉

peace and blessings all….stay Flyy



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