Weekend Excitement

I had the honor and joy of coordinating a wonderful pageant for the past month alongside one of my favorite people Fredricka. I was a contestant in the 2007-2008 Mr. and Miss Freshman pageant when I entered Howard University, and in the end took home the crown. After competeing I realized that I’m not really a pageant gal but event planning; now that’s my niche! I’ve taken my involvement to heart over the past 3 years feeling as though every girl and guy  who participates is a part of my legacy.

{Fredricka and I, co-coordinators}

Finally after being a volunteer for the pageant I was able to take my leadership and creative skills to the next level. The Pageant entitled “The Wiz” was an electic and fun spinoff of the hit 1970s film starring Diana Ross, Micheal Jackson, Nipsey Russel, and Richard Pryor. Based on the feedback we received the show was great, and I am soo very pleased to hear that everyone enjoyed it.

{the gentlemen ready for the opening act, Emerald City}{the ladies posing for a quick second before the pageant}

{outfit: leopard print blouse X Buffalo Exchange, peach pencil skirt X thrifted, black strappy heels X Alloy, accessories (not shown) clay clutch X vintage and multi bangles X H&M}

{a young fashionis-to, check him out}

{runners up, Taliah and Javan, staying flyy!}

When more pictures surface I’ll be sure to post them.

peace and blessings…stay flyy



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