INSPIRED:: Style Pantry

As a person who loves fashion; my inspiration comes from several different places. Whether that’s magazine editorials, runway shows, or from other bloggers. While perusing Chictopia today I stumbled upon a Chictopia Style Icon, Style Pantry. Her style immediately spoke to me! I love her hair, awesome curly ‘fro. This is where I want my hair to be!  I loved her interpretation of many trends; below I have included some photos of the outfits she wore that made wanna give her a three snaps in a Z formation, WOOORRRKK GIRRL! She is also a mother of 3 and a wife, just further proving that you can still be a Mommy and be a sassy as you wanna be!

It’s always great to give people praise! Be on the look out for more style inspiration! And check out stylepantry’s blog for more of her fabulous looks.


Stay Flyy!



P.S Don’t forget to follow @FlyyCoast2Coast on Twitter for updates on all things FLYY!!


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