School Dayz…an L.Camille Joint

My days at school are long. So I typically dress comfortably but always keep in mind to be as cute as I possibly can. Four years at Howard University cultivated in me a desire to always look stellar when going to class and doing my one year at CSUDH has shown me that there is no place like the Mecca. My mantra is simple, to perform my best; I must look my best. This day was actually one of my long days on campus, I’m there from 10am to 10pm so I chose to be sure my outfit was layered enough to go from day to night.

I love the library at CSUDH it is brand new and serves as an excellent place for photos as well as studying. This day I did some exploring in the building and found great spots to just think, read, and smile for the camera.

I found myself touring the library and stumbled upon this great space, where there was nothing but windows and chairs…not a single soul but mine. It was quite peaceful until the bout it reference lady came out and informed me the floor was closed. No worries though I know where to go for some solace if need be.

You have to get your education so why not do it while looking good?

Outfit: Jeans x Joe’s :: Shirt x UO :: Shoes x Converse “Chucks” :: Jacket x Nordstrom

Stay FLYY,



5 thoughts on “School Dayz…an L.Camille Joint

    • Thanks Elaine! Check at H&M, ASOS, or Topshop they have great picks and it won’t be too harsh on the pockets! Stay FLYY! Thanks for reading

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