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10.19.10 Cosmo Couture

I have been working at Knoll, Inc for almost a year now and it is safe to say that all of my co-workers know how much of a fashionista I am. They marvel over some of the creative and playful ways I dress up my business attire and are always amused by hairstyles and accessories that accompany them. When Deena our Textiles representative and Melissa our A&D(architecture and design) specialist mentioned a fundraiser called Cosmo Couture in the staff meeting one Tuesday morning I beamed, and they couldn’t resist the pearly whites when I asked to accompany them on the event.

When Interior becomes Exterior

Top design firms were commissioned to participate by choosing a leading textile or finish company and using their materials to create a couture, runway worthy ensemble. The models were professional interior designers, the outfits were sketched and created by these designers as well. All proceeds went to “My Sister’s Place” a non-profit home for battered women and children in the Washington DC area.

My coworker Ronita (a recent Interior Design graduate of Art Institute of Washongton) and arrived popped and on the scene ready to cheer our hearts for the Knoll model; while sipping Cosmopolitans of course 😉 There were some amazing ensembles created from basic drapery, laminates, veneers, and upholstery fabric. I wish I could show you all of the models but here are some of the most memorable.

Repping the USA; chair parts, laminates, and he made out with the guy next to me lol

Representing Ghana her dress was made of 3M sticky styrofoam

to after 5 within seconds....Best of Show in my book

Representing Egypt and made of sheers and panel fabric her gown went from cocktail attire....

Representing Greece her skirt and top were made of Veneers

RTKL Design Firm partnering with KnollTextiles...the model

Our model represented Sychiles. She was the most gorgeous model

Gown made from sheer drapery and bodysuit made from upholstery

Tipsy and having a lovely time


I truly had an amazing evening and cannot wait to do it again sometime. Peace and blessings….stay flyy



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