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Modern Woman

” I tell the story through the characters” – Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell is hands down my favorite artist. He painted portraits of real people, doing real things, and got real reactions. Everyone loved what he depicted because they could always imagine it actually taking place. During the time of the Great Depression, Rockwell’s infamous paintings graced the covers of The Saturday Evening Post and became very popular amongst American families. Check out some of my favorites below.

“Triple Self Portrait”

 ” A cover should be more than just a one-line joke” – Norman Rockwell

I took the liberty of visiting the American Art and Portraiture Museum on my lunch break one afternoon and there was an entire exhibit dedicated to his work. I couldn’t resist, and the best part was that I was completely dressed for the occasion. Funny that during these times it was unheard of for women to wear pants, flat dress shoes, and Men’s tees huh? Well I go against the grain and sometimes the inner little boy comes out to play. Just another casual Friday in my book 😉

"The Problem We All Live With" 1964

Thrifted Slacks, Hanes Mens white tee, random vest,

Flea market rosary necklace, thrifted polo satchel, F21 casual dress shoes


"School Fight"

Riding a bike to work requires quick wardrobe alterations

“Little bits of our culture captured like snapshots” – George Lucas

Peace and Blessings…stay flyy



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