Caught In Style


Thrifted Cardigan, Flea Market Boys Polo golfer shorts, thrifted purse, Thrifted Men’s trouser socks,Flea Market lense-less frames, Baker’s necklace, and  the shoes will stay my dirty little secret (mwahahahaha *evil laugh*)

Yours truly was featured in THE HILLTOP, Howard University’s own campus newspaper “Caught In Style”. Just a regular day, chillin in front of Blackburn when I was complimented ever so sweetly on these vintage polo boys shorts that I was wearing. The photographer Leo Brooks asked to take some shots and I agreed.

The best part of being a fashionista is being able to declare my style my very own! I find things and I twist, turn, and rearrange them however I see fit. Nothing can be “wrong” about my style because it’s mine. Vintage. Electic. Bohemian. You can keep the mannequins.

peace and blessings loves…stay flyy in your own way!



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