INSPIRED :: Tracee Ellis Ross

Let’s discuss style mavens. People who consistently walk out of their homes looking put together, wearing exactly what complements their body, and always looking like a million bucks. Insert Tracee Ellis Ross. Since her stint as Joan on the now defunct, fan favorite,  Girlfriends, Ross has effortlessly shown us what it is to be a stylish woman. From her natural hair to curvy shape each and every time she came on screen, I swooned. My favorite thing about Ross is that she isn’t afraid to wear clothing that accentuates her curves and she doesn’t shy away from color. Here are a few of my favorite shots of Tracee, looking FLYY as per usual.

Dressed for a day of running about town... still fierce.

I am always the fan of a knit hat and a tuxedo jacket to jazz up an outfit that may otherwise be seen as frumpy or along the lines of BUM chic. They are a quick fix to any outfit!

Understated Sex appeal.

The thing I love the most about this ensemble is that Tracee is wearing all black, a knee-length skirt, her hair is pinned back and she still is exuding SEXY. Ross proves that you don’t have show everything you’ve got to garner the attention you deserve. Another selling point for this outfit is the vintage tee, I am a t-shirt LOVER. A cute tee can go a long way!

a glowing beauty

This shot shows Tracee’s beauty, simply. Her minimal makeup allows you to focus on her eyes and her gorgeous hair. A woman should know that makeup is used to enhance what she already has, it should not create an entire new person. This is a perfect example is natural beauty personified.


A smile. Red lipstick. and a Bad ass pair of pumps. Ladies take heed.

Tracee Ellis Ross is most definitely one of my style icons. These few shots show what it is about her that makes her FLYY. From her days spent running around LA to red carpet appearances she never ceases to inspire. Tell me, who inspires you??

Stay FLYY.



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