Simply Chic


H&M Beige&Black Maxi Dress, Thrifted hat, Delia's Cognac riding boots, Bakers accessories




I love this hat! I found it thrifting one day with my friend Amber-Aleece; I didn’t even check it out in the mirror before the purchase. Just shook my hair out, plopped it on, and asked her how I looked. She said “cute”, so I threw it on the counter and told the cashier to ring me up. It was one of those wak days of thrifting when you find absolutely NOTHING. As plain as this hat is, it makes a bold statement and I didn’t want to dumb it down by throwing on tons of accessories or an over the top ensemble, he(yes the hat) needed to be the main focus and that he was.

Peace and Blessings



3 thoughts on “Simply Chic

  1. Dang Courtney…this is too sharp!! Love the look altogether!! But baby……..the boots are truly banging!!!! Tell Leslie that she still looks fit…and her baby girl is adorable!!!! Love to your mom for me too!

    Love ya….

    Auntee Jeanette & “T”

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