I have always been a person who liked fur. I’ve had fur lined coats, fur vests, fur bags; I can’t wait until I can get a genuine mink coat. Dear PETA, please don’t hate me. *wink wink* … The thing about fur is that it order to pull it off smoothly you have to balance your outfit so that the fur item is the show piece but you still don’t look like you’ve been mauled by an animal.

This season fur is making its presence felt on shoes, bags, and coats alike. I’ve had this vest for about two years now and I love that it is still just as fabulous now as it was when I bought it. The key to shopping is finding things that will last through the years because of their timeless classic factor.

Outfit: fur vest {XXI}… dress {old navy} … Boots {Steve Madden} … purse {guess by Marciano} … sunglasses {Dior}

Stay FLYY…



4 thoughts on “Fur-ocious.

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