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Homecoming at Howard 2010

As a graduating senior I took homecoming to heart this year knowing that this would be my last attendance as an undergraduate student at my beloved Alma Mater. Of course having my sister in town is always a joy because although we talk all the time I haven’t seen her since May, and well, I missed her! The week was a joy. Howard students do not play when homecoming rolls around, we’re taking no prisoners let the fashion tests begin. As always my quirky-ness was well displayed with each ensemble whether dressed up or down I was ready to hit the streets.

Hotel Party
Hotel Party; Alloy cropped 80s tee, basic black skirt Forever XXI, thrifted clutch

I’m a simplistic gal and I like to have fun. Usually when I’m at a party I wear what I know I can move in, shoes that won’t hurt, and an outfit that I know no one else will have on. For something like a hotel party casual was the best way to go, not too much but bold nonetheless

Fashion Show II

Thrifted blazer, vintage Ralph Lauren POLO handbag, thrifted jeweled clip ons

Choosing combinations can be very tricky, but if you start with a palette then its easy to match various things together. Notice each item I am wearing is a different color, each very bold. By picking a palette I was able to make these articles match without really matching them at all.

Celebrity Basketball Game 

H&M high waist cargos, American Apparel belt, thrifted satchel

Club Recess

White body suit, Forever XXI ballerina skirt, Bakers pink peep toes, thrifted patterened scarf

Freakum dresses are great for the club, but very over done. I wanted to look as fun as my mood so I started with the shoes and this skirt , after that I kept adding piece by piece and this was my final result. Never feel boxed in when getting dressed just keep an open mind and you may end up with a killer.


vintage Air Force leather jacket, thrifted plaid button down, thrifted chain, American Apparel thigh highs, vintage denim boots

The Yard is THE place to be Friday afternoon of homecoming. There is an all day concert with various artists both world reknowned and HU’s very own. You will find every oufit imaginable out there although not all unique and that’s exactly what I was going for. I decided early on I wanted a plain jane outfit that was functional, it began with an oversized vintage tee but after learning of the weather I quickly switched it out for this flannel. Wearing thigh highs eliminated the entire idea of pants lol I was glad I think they added a completely unexpected element to my ensemble, and the coat I threw on because it was freezing outside! I had a great time styling this edgy outfit.

R&B Concert 

zipped hoodie from my mom, old striped tank dress, thrifted socks, toiletry bag for clutch, and a rep lip

Friday was the only event I was anticipating, the R&B concert featuring Marsha Ambrosia and starring Erykah Badu. I’m a huge fan of her music so I wanted calm and casual look for the show because I knew I’d end up down in the front vibing to the tunes. No thought actually went into the styling of this outfit, sometimes it’s important to just be effortless and lose the jazz. My roommate and I headed over to Cramton and sure enough after Marsha Ambrosia blew us all away with her amazing vocals I was down in front swaying and singing along with E.Badu who too was calm and casual in her fitted sweats, cutoff crewneck, large tophat, and booties. Simplistic beauty.


Floral turban, cognac riding boots, POLO vintage handbag

I just really love this wierd little turban I found! I wanted to wear it so bad I put on all black (which is a rarity for me) so that you couldn’t help but notice it. You like?


Foreign Exchange sequin leggings, vintage Military coat

I was supposed to be “Big Red” for halloween, you know like the gum lol….change of plans at the last minute since I was thinking too hard about my costume and decided to allocate my funds elsewhere for the weeks festivities. I put this on to go to the club but ended up at costume party of alumni instead. I thought it would be really fun to pair this rough, rustic coat with something as dainty and flashy as sequined leggings. The contrast played in my favor and I just kept saluting people at the party telling them I was an Army Brat 😉

I wore my hair in flexi rods the whole week since I like the style so much. They’re cute and low maintenance, my kind of hairstyle.

Homecoming truly was a great week. I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration for your closet and some great ideas for unique “night out” ensembles…Stay flyy lovelies

Peace and Blessings


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