Flower Power

I am typically not a floral kind of girl. When I think of florals my thoughts go to older ladies who like to knit. However I have opened my mind to the idea of wearing floral patterns, I tend to venture toward color palettes that are bold and eye-catching so I can still feel FLYY. This shirt has been in my arsenal for sometime now, I love the puffed sleeve; it gives the shirt the option of being worn casually or offer a little jazz if need be.

Another discovery I made while moving was my jean jacket! I love the classic feel of a jean jacket, every FLYY girl should have one. Something that can be paired with dresses, slacks, tapered sweats, basically anything. I always roll my sleeves, I can’t remember why I started this all I know is I’ve never stopped.

I ordered these shoes from ASOS in October…they finally made it to me and I must say they were worth the wait. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments on them, and they are super comfy! I might order a pair in another color, that’s how much I love them!

Outfit: cargos x Joe’s … blouse x H&M … jacket x Old Navy … Wedges x ASOS

Stay FLYY!



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