B-Boy Stance

I love having somewhat of a boyish style, it’s fun and I find it to be pretty cute actually. It’s rustic, edgy, and shows my versatility. One day I’m rocking stilettos and the next I could be wearing a hoodie and some TOMS.It’s been a long while since I wore tennis shoes – or as my eastcoasters like to call them “sneakers”- lol. With Autumn well under way I’ve already grown somewhat bored of my boots and decided that it was time to dust these bad boys off. By accessorizing I managed to keep a feminine flare to these baggy jeans, oversized hoodie, and t-shirt. Not to mention that ever since I bought this scarf I can’t seem to stop wearing it! But it’s sooo comfy and it goes with everything…everything? EVERYTHING!

white adidas, black Puma sport bag, Forever XXI circle scarf

Do you have looks that you like to play around with? Tweet us @Flyycoast2coast and upload your pics of 1 normal look and 1 alternative look so your versatility can be featured here on Flyycoast2coast.


{shoutout to the Howard University Campus Pals, Ms.Frizzle loves you... MAMA MAMA baby baby!}

 Send in those twitpics. peace and blessings


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