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Quarter Centuries.

This year has been full of celebrations for those turning 25, many of my friends have officially reached their Quarter Century and many have gone all out. Each celebration has brought fun, laughter, and plenty of chances to be FLYY! Two weeks ago one of my best friend’s celebrated her birthday with a party at Rush Street in Culver City, it was a blast! This outfit is actually a re-mix of something I wore at Howard Homecoming ( HUUUUU…you know! s/o to all my BISON!).

This hot pink blazer is a thrifted find! I am so proud of myself, because in the past I have no been able to hone in on my thrifting skills and end up getting frustrated and leaving empty handed. However this blazer is exactly what I have wanted for quite sometime. I know you aren’t getting the full display, but have no fear it is sure to make another appearance one day.

My best friend and I found this random corner in the restaurant to take my photos because we liked the ottomans, I’m not sure if it was the best idea tho…either way I really like this sweater dress and definitely plan on it carrying me through the winter even into spring.


Outfit: sweater dress x H&M … booties x Steve Madden(borrowed) … mink flap bag x UO … hot pink blazer x thrifted

Stay FLYY!!


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