lesliecamille / Mini Fashionista

Love is Everywhere.

With the beautiful day were having here in Los Angeles, I decided to make my baby girl look like a burst of sunshine! I was once told my one of my younger cousins that Black women look good in yellow, safe to say he was right! Baby D’s shirt says Love is Everywhere, and with Christmas season surrounding us we all need to be reminded that Love conquers all. Give love this Christmas season and don’t forget the TRUE reason we celebrate this wonderful holiday.

Outfit: shirt x Target … jeans x H&M … shoes x UGGS … Hello Kitty x gifted

Stay FLYY!



3 thoughts on “Love is Everywhere.

  1. Your little cousin was right when he told you, “Black women look good in yellow”.
    You were gorgeous that day.
    I remember it like it was yesterday.
    Funny to think he wasn’t too much older than Baby D when he said it. Hahaha!!!
    God is truly Awesome!
    He has blessed you with an incredibly beautiful liltle girl.
    Please continue to put her in yellow. It is her color!
    She is following in some mighty fine footsteps.

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