CourtneyNicohle / DC Events

Night Life

HAPPY MONDAY! I had a very active weekend ladies and gentleman. It was a long week and I just wanted to let loose, 2 of my friends turned 21, there was a furniture exhibit with New American designer Jonah Takagi at the Civilian Art Gallery, and Durkl released their winter collection of hats.  Lots to look forward to.

Sheer Bandeau top X F21...Vintage leather skirt....Steve Madden lace up peep toes...Thrifted cardigan...vintage clutch



FYI I am falling in absolute love with lipstick. With the bandeau and leather skirt I wore a magenta pink and with the lace bodysuit I wore a bold ruby red. Bring on the dramatics!

Lace Bodysuit...Faded Black denim X H&M...Steve Madden lace up peep toes...thrifted purse


How was your weekend?

peace and blessings…stay flyy!


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