40 Days and 40 Nights

For those of you that think it doesn’t rain in Southern California, I’ve got news for you man cause the skies finally cleared here after showering us with love for literally the first full week of my winter vacation here. Sometimes I forget that we too have winter here and that although it isn’t snowing or bitter cold that we do indeed suffer from a drop in temperature. I can’t be too upset though, the rain kept me indoors with my family and gave me a chance for some much needed rest that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I’m usually so excited to be back in my old areas that I’m always in the streets hanging out and catching up! But after being couped up my cousin and I peeked out the curtains, we heard a silence that we hadn’t heard for DAYS….no more rain 🙂


I feel horrible, we haven’t been updating as much over our little vacation but honestly I haven’t quite looked “photo ready” everyday. I did manage to snap a couple shots though. Now that Noah and his Ark have floated away we’re back to our sunny selves over here, but the temperatures have still been pretty low. We still love you and we can’t wait to show and share with you all of the new things coming for 2011 and FlyyCoast2Coast.

Peace and Blessings…stay flyy lovelies



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