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Happy New Year readers!!!!

Vintage Army coat…H&M sweater dress…Steve Madden pumps…vintage clutch

I’m so freakin excited to start this year, I’m sitting down now to write out all that I would like to accomplish and then I can actually set a feasible plan to make sure that I achieve everything on it. Everyone sets resolutions for the new year, but I’d rather just have goals and then contribute to my personal growth on a daily basis. Resolutions should be a requirement because there is always something that one can do to better themselves, but goals keep your adrenaline to not get complacent once January has come to an end. 


I brought it in with beautiful people that I love, my cousin, my 2 playbrothers, and my homeboy. We celebrated, toasted, and ate good. I’m happy that I made it with God’s grace of course because I’ll confess it now, 2011 is going to be awesome!

Top 5 things to look forward to:

1. Graduation

2. Release of 2 new natuur collections

3. Expanding and enhancing Flyycoast2coast (participating in PostADay2011)

4. Saving up for my big move

5. More living, More loving, and MUCH More laughing

I wish all of you peace, prosperity, and happiness in 2011. Be blessed and as always LIVE FLYY!

H&M earrings...Flea Market floral glasses...ruby red lips


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