How To: Thrift

thrifted LA tee, thrifted thermal, old toiletrie bag clutch, Iman plum lipstick

Vintage, second-hand, old, used, abused, cool, and cheap! Finding the perfect item at the thrift store isn’t really hard, but it is an art. The clothes have already survived ‘x’ amount of wears before you’ve gotten to them so sometimes people can look overly bummy rather than overly chic. Not to worry, I’ve been trying to show L.Camille the light so this little guide will be of service to you all…if thrifting is your thing of course 😉

L.Camille and I headed down the 101 freeway to W.Hollywood,  the other day to hit some really good vintage and second-hand stores. Trust me there are great options outside of The Goodwill, which I find more useful for  furniture and miscellaneous goods than anything else.


you have absolutely no idea what will be on the racks when  going to stores like this. Don’t sell yourself or your trip short by only going in to find  1 specific thing. Be broad and skim through all of the racks


pick up any and everything that you think is cute! I know it sounds really bizarre but you’re not going to buy it all, I can guarantee you 99%. A lot of items won’t fit right, some will be hideous, and others will be the best thing you ever found. But trust me if you tilted your head to check it out a little closer….TRY IT ON!


as I mentioned earlier it is very easy to bypass looking fashion forward in second-hand clothes because there’s no telling how old the clothes really are. Be sure that everything you buy compliments your figure, personal style, and are salvageable. Everything thrifted is not cute, that is a fact! Don’t lose sight of how you dress just because you’re buying clothing from another era, make it work for YOU.


a majority of clothes in thrift stores currently are from the 80s, so they are clearly dated. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. A good thing because fashion makes full circles, what was once in-style can surely resurface with the right fashionista to bring it back. The bad news is you could possibly pick up the tackiest velour sweatsuit EVER and try to pass it off as…well cute and fail, lol.  I found some silk shirts I was questionable about but I always get compliments!


if you find an article that you simply cannot part with and it has an awful defect, check to see if it can be fixed. A tailor can spruce up anything. Get that blazer you want and have it fitted, buy those old boots and drop them off at a shoe shop, and you might as well grab that great sports jacket because all you have to do is toss it in the cleaners. Don’t let a stench or stitch keep you from snagging the ultimate thrift store find.

Some people love it, some people don’t. It doesn’t have to be your thing but if it is make sure it’s a good thing! In 2011 let’s all vow to LIVE and STAY FLYY.

peace and blessings



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