Only in California…

The best part about having a sister is the fact that your wardrobe is doubled! Yesterday Courtney, our mother, and I took an excursion Downtown to run some errands and just enjoy our lovely city. Courtney got this coat while thrifting and I decided to take advantage of this awesome find.

Driving around yesterday in the city I realized as much as I miss the East coast, I am in love with my hometown. The pace of life, the beauty it possesses, and the coastline that I take for granted; I am truly a California girl at heart. We took a walk down in Santa Monica, strolled the promenade, and just enjoyed the scenery.

*Don’t mind the young lady in the back, she was just enjoying the beach in January too*

Winter has come to visit us in Los Angeles, with highs only getting up to the lower 50s, it may seem ridiculous that 50 is cold, but here in LA that’s quite a chilly day. I absolutely love the chill in the air and I hope it sticks around for a little while.

Me and my playground for now: Los Angeles; the land where wishes come true.

outfit: jeans x citizens of humanity :: tee x XXI :: coat x thrifted :: shoes x XXI :: necklace x XXI :: ring x H&M :: purse x UO :: scarf x H&M

Stay FLYY! Live FLYY.



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