All that Glitters

{left to right}

Iman Citron…Maybelline Luminous Lilac…Maybelline Coral Crush

{left to right}

Sally Hansen Blazing Blue…Rockstar Pink…Celeb City…Strobe Light…Uptempo Plum

Well ladies and gentlemen my vacation has come to an end and I’ve returned to the District’s bitter winds and frosty mornings. It was time very well spent and I can say that I enjoyed every minute (even all of the rainy ones) with my family and the few friends that I have left around these parts. I wish I had a more manageable camera to carry around because now that I’ve got this one I can’t take as many random pictures when I go out as I used to. Which means I don’t have a lot of pictures from my stay in Cali :/

I’m excited for this semester especially with the winter already looking Flyy; I picked up these new beauty products at Target the other day while I was stocking up on house necessities with my roomies. Some fun nail polish for the season and 3 very chic lipstick colors.

I absolutely adore painting my nails and have become quite skilled at home mani/pedis that look professional with the help of Sally Hansen’s great nail polish. Honestly, everyone raves about OPI but if you’re like me and can’t stand waiting 20 minutes for nails to dry than this Insta-Dri stuff is right up your alley! No sooner have I applied two coats then I’m already wrapping up with my top coat. Not to mention her colors are fab. And this fetish with lipstick, guys I have no idea where it came from but I LOVE it! The simplest of outfits with one over the top color takes you from 0 to 60 instantly. I don’t have a particular brand to endorse but to my women of color, try Iman beauty products. They’re great for our tone and have enough pigment to show up the same color on our skin as the product itself. The Citron is muted and will be great for a casual day when clear lip gloss just isn’t what I’m going for. The Lilac is similar, sheer enough to be chic but noticeable enough to make you look twice. Last but not least Coral Crush, I opted for this color when I couldn’t find Iman Paprika that I’ve been wanting for some time now. This was the closest I could find with an orange-ish tone; I do like it though.

As always my loves Stay Flyy and remember in 2011 we vow to Live Flyy!

Peace and Blessings,





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