Fun at a Bodega.

Last weekend I enjoyed a night out in Santa Monica at a wine bar with plenty friends and great spirits. Bodega, which anyone from the East coast may think of as that corner store that has everything you need at an ungodly hour, but here in beautiful Los Angeles it is home to gourmet pizza, brie and crackers, and an vast selection of wines. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening there celebrating a friend’s birthday and would gladly go again.

As you can see I pulled out the fabulous fur which I wrote about here, I love that this vest while serving as a statement piece is also functional, no coat was needed, which meant less to lug around whilst out sipping wine in a place where seating is kind of limited. My best friend Jasmin looked great that night as well, rocking a skirt suit with a dressy tank and sassing it up with a 50s inspired do’. Very FLYY.

Jenn looked smashing in a spandex jumpsuit and feathered fedora, while some people may run from the hugging nature of an outfit like this, my girl rocked it and rocked it well! I loved that her earrings were feathers also and yet it didn’t look over done.

All in all the night was a blast, with friends, strangers, and the great bartender that kept the drinks flowing! Salud!

outfit: Fur x XXI … Jeans x Easy Money … Shirt x Target … Shoes x Steve Madden

Stay FLYY! Live FLYY.



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