FLYY South for the Winter

How lucky was I to have gotten blessed with a free trip to Miami in the dead middle of winter in Washington, D.C.?? I don’t know the answer but I will say the heavens heard my cry because I just wasn’t all together prepared to face a snow filled weekend after coming from L.A. So on Thursday night I picked up my luggage and boarded a bus to South Beach. Not so glamorous right? I know 18 hours of movies never felt so long lol. But then again who can complain when they’ll be tanning in January…not me!

It was a much-needed intake of the ocean, my first love. I could literally sit at the beach for hours and just gaze out at the sea in pure admiration of all its glory. Just to know that there is a whole other world going on under there amazes me, I think I was a fish or mermaid in my previous life. I got my tan, had some mediocre Cuban food, and a great drink from Wet Willie’s. It was a flyy time and I’m glad I got to go. Now I’m back to the freezing rain and snow mounds that is Washington, D.C…..thank you winter 😉

Peace and Blessings my loves. Live Flyy, Stay Flyy


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