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INSPIRED :: Sarah Jessica Parker

I for one am a huge fan of Sarah Jessica Parker’s fabulous and funky style. Falling in love with Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City was only the beginning of my following, and now I always find myself gawking over her outfits, especially from the movies!

SJP is not afraid to play with color, pattern, classic, or vintage styles many times combining all of these into one amazing look. I can’t quite classify her style because she’s so versatile.

Chic Minimalist

 Her tailored shirt-dress along with vibrant cropped blazer are just the right statement for these casual jeans and shimmery stilettos. Let’s not forget her low maintenance hair that always looks great whether blonde or brunette! Sometimes the best looks come about when we aren’t trying too hard to mismatch our ensembles or overdo the acessories. Remember Flyy Fashionistas less is more.

All Black Everything with a touch of pattern and color go a long way as Sarah Jessica Parker demonstrates here. Even the most dismal of outfits can be given life with a simple choice in acessories.

I’m not a huge fan of black but strangely this winter season has been filled many black ensembles on my part. I always add touches of color, pattern, and texture just to keep the looks playful. No matter the season my wardrobe never lacks a little spring 😉


Upscale Funk

In contrast of the two previous looks and complete disregard of my “less is more” statement SJP pushes the envelope and embraces her carefree side. Not only does she play with color but she uses oversized accents to create bold energy which she exudes in the  classiest of ways.

This ruffled, tie-dye boa is so fun and sets off her pink textured dress perfectly! And as much as I hate white pumps, SJP is rocking the shit out of those ankle booties.

Just stare at this look for a minute, don’t judge it… just admire it.

Jacket= Flyy

 That’s all I needed folks, coming straight from a junk bucket fashionista such as myself, every out of place addition to this neutral simplistic dress falls in order because that jacket gives me life, from the unbuckled shoes to her lopsided turban!



Sarah Jessica Parker is one uber FLYY fashionista. We could stand to learn a thing a two.

Peace and Blessings my loves…Live Flyy, Stay Flyy



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