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INSPIRED :: Ashley Olsen

While many people remember the Olsens from gracing our screens first as toddlers,  it is safe to say now, that they are full-fledged women, and to call them FLYY would be an understatement. Like everyone I have my favorite twin, mine happens to be Ashley. The blazer, the shoes, and even the crush velvet dress; all are giving me FLYY. I love that the outfit looks like she JUST remembered she had an event and she grabbed whatever and it came together looking fabulous. Sometimes when you put too much thought into an outfit you end up looking like it. But when you wing it, you score.

Yves St. Laurent’s can make something as simple as leggings look amazing.

I’ve been trying to figure out outfits for days when I have nothing to do but traipse around the city, while I want to be comfortable I still want to look stylish and adult like. Sometimes it’s easy to slip into jeans, some random tee, and my Rainbows. These look are great for those days.

Ashley’s style is that of a person who has grown into her beauty and dresses the part perfectly. She’s not just another celebrity with a clothing line but she’s a person who actually has the fashion knowledge to back it up. I look forward to seeing her continue to blossom and Elizabeth & James as well.





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