Going Green

My absolute favorite color in the world is green. It never seems overdone or too minimal, always adding the perfect touch to any scene. When I looked out of the window this morning I just gazed at all of the beautifully colored row houses on my block; that’s one of the things I love most about D.C., its homes. So many different colors.

The colors and sun together gave me great inspiration this morning, I felt like they both whispered….POP!

I felt washed out after taking a final look at my ensemble so I chose to add a vibrant pop of color with this truly green pea coat and apple drop earrings. I’ve had the coat for quite sometime now so it’s definitely worn in and my go to when I’m desiring pizzazz. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t own a black pea coat and then I remember whose closet I’m looking in lol. The earrings and lace socks were for just for fun fulfilling their purpose exquisitely!

Delia’s Peacoat…Thrifted button-down…Thrifted Oversized Cardigan…F21 lace socks/sunglasses…random earrings

Perfect for a casual friday in the office. Peace and Blessing Fashionistas.



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