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The Alchemist

In my opinion one of the flyyest things a woman can be is educated. For the year of 2011 I have vowed to read 1 novel per month in an effort to bring back my enthusiasm for imagination. My mother always read to Leslie and I growing up so I gained a natural love for the library at a young age, but now that I’ve got so much to do I can hardly find time to pick up a good book that isn’t required for class.

Book number one was The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. I heard raving reviews about it so I couldn’t resist giving it a go for myself, I must say I was not disappointed. With the weather not permitting much outdoor activity I found it stress relieving to curl up with a book at the end of the day and fall asleep turning pages. This novel was full of self discovery and life lessons and it all happened without me taking notice. I’d find myself rereading a particular quote a couple of times over or pondering on a passage for a while,  coming to the conclusion that we all have a Santiago living within us lol.

Ralph Lauren button down...The Limited thrifted cardigan...thrifted neck scarf...H&M jeans...Jessica Simpson pumps...Isaac Mizrahi bag

Visit your local library fashionistas, it’s 2011 after all and the internet can’t tell us everything about life, sometimes the best secrets lie within the pages.

“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation” -from The Alchemist



2 thoughts on “The Alchemist

  1. That’s a great goal for 2011, Court! My bf is reading The Alchemist right now. I’m not much of a fiction fan, but you guys are making me think it might be worth the read.

    Love the ‘fit! Hope DC is treating you well. Love ya!

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