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Year of the Rabbit


Thursday marked the beginning of another Chinese New Year, year of the Rabbit. Knoll threw their annual February party to welcome clients old and new, and yours truly was given the honor to coordinate the entire event.  It’s an avenue that I plan on delving deeper into as I pursue different design careers so I was very excited to have the opportunity.

It was great! There was a sushi bar with chefs hand rolling special orders,  customized fortune cookies in take out boxes, and the best Apple Ginger Martini a girl could ask for.  The evening started at 5:30; by 6:30 the place was packed with designers, architects, and long time industry friends.  I had fun and everyone liked the food, sounds good to me. Everyone kept asking about my denim boots too lol.

The best part was meeting the handful of Howard Alum that are still in the area practicing. Very inspiring for me to see people that were once in my seat.

A rabbit person has grace, culture and beautiful manners. Happy New Year.

peace and blessings



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