It’s the Little Things…

I love discovering things that may seemingly hold no big deal but end up becoming the cutest thing ever! My discovery this day was a kente cloth stole that belonged to my late Grandfather. I loved listening to him sing as a child, his big booming baritone as his 6’5 frame stood on the choir stand. I miss him dearly but his memory can continue to live on in me. I decided to use it and create a headband to spruce up my two-strand twists with a little Africa & little spirit of my Grandpaw.

outfit: Jeans {Joe’s}. Shirt {XXI}. Boots {Steve Madden}. Jacket {Random Boutique find}.




3 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things…

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  2. That’s a beautiful tribute to your Grandad’s memory too Leslie. He was a good man. I always enjoyed talking with him. As the husband of his youngest daughter…we had our chats…believe it. Elgie was kind and loving to a fault…and garnered a lot of respect from anyone that knew him. Although kind…he had a pretty fierce resolve in the face of “issues”.
    RIP Elgie Edmondson ~ Gone…but certainly not forgotten.

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