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Staying Flyy: Esperanza Spalding

The winner for Best New Artist at last night’s Grammy’s left many people shocked, jaw dropped, and maybe a little confused  but when realizing  what  accomplishments Esperanza Spalding has made thus far she is more than deserving of her award.  The natural haired beauty approached the stage with humility and grace as she accepted the honor, impeccably dressed in a layered lime green gown and afro up-do.

Esperanza exudes purity in her personal style as well as through her contemporary jazz music. She came into the business in 2005 from humble beginnings in Portland, Oregon and then decided to move to the East Coast studying and teaching at Burklee College of Music. Her breakout solo artist career began in May 2008 with the release of her album Esperanza. From there all signs were pointing upward and onward as the young starlett has gone on to top the jazz charts internationally. With the release of her second album Chamber Music Society, people are looking to Esperanza as the saving grace for keeping jazz music relevant amongst today’s youth.

She has a great flare about the way she carries herself and as advocates for natural beauty here at FlyyCoast2Coast, I just can’t get enough. I’ve been listening to her songs all day behind my desk actually and I do love her voice. Soft, clear, and effortless. Thanks to the Grammy’s I have now added a wonderful new up and coming artist to my itunes library.

Stay Flyy, Live Flyyer Fashionistas!

Peace and Blessings



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