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Night Out: LA – Lexus Listening Lounge

Last week I had the opportunity to partake in the Lexus Listening Lounge featuring B.O.B. It goes without saying that B.O.B rocked the mic and I was duly impressed with his musical abilities. This guy whipped out his guitar, danced a little jig, and riffed like nobody’s business; he’s definitely got IT. Along with B.O.B, I also enjoyed the company of my best friends, Kiyana and Megan and even ran into some HU folks that are close to my heart, the night was fun all around. With the exception of the bartenders who clearly could who have stood to have taken a few more lessons in mixology. But drinks aside this Night Out – LA was a blast!

Kiyana, B.O.B and a drankie drank.

I decided to rock another one of my Grandfather’s stoles this night and received many compliments on the headdress, I will surely be putting my new “headband” to use quite often! I also tried a new hot pink lipstick I had been thinking of giving a shot for some time now, and I must say, I loved it!

Outfit: skirt{H&M} … tank{XXI} … boots{Steve Madden} … leather jacket{XXI} … headband{Grandpa’s}



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