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INSPIRED :: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington, known for her many roles on the big screen ranging from single mother in Save the Last Dance to wife in the suspense thriller Lakeview Terrace all the way to wife of vicious leader in Last King of Scotland . I have to admit I have enjoyed Kerry in nearly every role she has played and seeing her develop from young actress to a seasoned actress AND fashion maven has been even more enjoyable. I admire Kerry’s fashion choices and definitely consider her to be one of my style icons.

In this photo Kerry’s hair is LAID and her dress is gorgeous, I love the print as well as the fit, it shows that one doesn’t need to have on something skin tight in order to be sexy. The minimal monochromatic use of accessories allows the print to shine through as well.

Kerry can always work a red carpet but I love seeing her out and about looking chic and casual. This outfit shows her ability to maintain her style even if it isn’t in a dress and a killer pair of pumps. I really like her scarf/caplet, FLYY.

Kerry is quoted in a Page Six article saying, “she never thought of herself as the pretty one, which was good because it was important her to think of herself as the smart one.” It is always refreshing to hear artists encourage people to be intelligent, because the truth of the matter is, beauty fades. This picture to me exemplifies Kerry’s beauty, her full lips and almond shaped eyes, gorge.

Kerry is a vision in almost anything she puts on, her beauty is remarkable, and I must say her style never  ceases to INSPIRE me.



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