The Witch of Portobello

Keeping in line with my 2011 goal of reading 1 novel per month, I chose to stick with my new fascination in Paul Coelho and read The Witch of Portobello. There’s something about the odd titles and mysterious life lessons that I’ve grown fond of.

This book was about self love and spirituality. Both very big influences in not only myself but the world in which we live. When I first started this book it took me about a week to actually get into it, mainly because it doesn’t follow a standard format, more so diary entries which was a little wierd. I soon got used to it and as you can see really enjoyed it.

I decided to go back to my lip hoop. What do you think?


H&M beanie...UO rainboots...Forever XXI smock...random peace sign necklace


My look today reminded of Athena the main character, a young wild free spirited girl with red hair in touch with herself and intrigued with the world. Confused yet directed all at the same time.

Peace and Blessing fashionistas


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