I’ve always said if there were another era I could choose to have been born into it would be the 60s and 70s. I love the fashion from both and adore peoples attitudes towards life. Although the grass usually looks greener from the other side.

On Tuesday I helped a friend out with a commercial campaign for our school where I was asked to dress in old school clothing to look like a Howard student from the past. I was inspired by the 1970s and decided to mock my outfit after what I think I would have dressed like if I were a student back then….even tried out some powder blue eyeshadow!




This hat was hand knitted by one of my best friends, don’t you just love the psychedelic colors and cozy look? I pull it out whenever I get a little homesick. At first I thought the bag was overkill because of the leather and color combo but I quickly changed my mind because I liked how it offset my outfit.  The spring is creeping in here in the District so my quirky ensembles will be resurfacing soon, I’m excited! Can you tell?


F21 Bell Bottoms...vintage Air Force jacket...thrifted asymmetrical shoulder bag...


The commercial came out great, the director loved my outfit, and I was back to my hippie ways once again. Great day I’d say.


Peace and Blessings Fashionistas



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