Shoulders Above the Rest

This past Sunday I decided to don a number made by my fabulously talented best friend Jen, the elaborate shoulders and just the right amount of plunge neckline made for a great silhouette. I paired the dress with a striped jacket from H&M’s spring line and stepped out of the house feeling ever so cute.

As you can see I also got my hair straightened, it’s been about four months since my last visit to the beautician and I am proud of my progress, I have been dedicated to letting my hair grow and treating it naturally, I’ll be at my goal of bra strap length in no time!

Outfit: Dress x JennyP || blazer x H&M || Pumps x Bakers || Aviators x H&M




5 thoughts on “Shoulders Above the Rest

  1. OMG!!! That is my fave jacket from the H&M spring line. I was going to get it…and of course talked myself out of it. And now I can’t find it!! And the dress looks gorg! I’m gonna need to holler at Jen soon

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